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Publicity video

Propaganda videos are the enterprise displaying their own comprehensive strength、Establish an effective way to establish a brand image。Many companies hope to show their own image through the promotional video,By at the promotion site、Project negotiation、Exhibition Activity、Bid、Investment、Play on various occasions such as product conference,Reached ******* publicity effect。


Documentary is according to the customer's requirements,Use different means to express around a theme,Create a documentary for the characters。2024 EUROPEAN CUP has rich production experience,Pay attention to detail performance during the shooting,Good at catching occasional incidents,Make the overall effect better and plump,Vivid。

Micro movie

Micro Shadow is the product of the Internet era,Micro -film has three main features: micro -time、micro production。Play on the new media platform。For movies and TV series,Low input cost of micro -movie、Short production cycle,and can be widely spread with digital technology,With unique artistic value。

3D animation

3D animation is to establish a virtual world in the computer,The shape size of the designer in the three -dimensional object of the object that is expressed as required in the required object,Set the motion trajectory of the model、Movement and other animation parameters of virtual cameras,Finally give a specific material for the model,Make light。

2024 EUROPEAN CUP Cultural Media

Corporate Propaganda Movie

TODAY ’s EUROPEAN CUP FOOTBALL PREDICTIONS was established in 2010,Registered capital 10 million,It is a film and television planning、Production、Professional media company that promoted in one -one。Provide customers with one -stop service,Improve the brand image。

The company has a professional film and television team,In Hangzhou、Nanjing and many places have branches。Established as the government、Customers and other customers of enterprises and institutions make more than 1,000 film and television works。

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"Lao Cai's Ten acres of Tea Garden" successfully shortlisted the second "Beautiful Suzhou My Story" micro -film collection activity

Lao Cai's ten acres of tea gardens in 2017,Suzhou held the second "Beautiful Suzhou My Story" micro -film collection activity,I hope the participating unit is in Suzhou people ...


Third Session of Love Warm Golden Chicken Lake Plot Short Film Activities for a successful finalist- "Road"

Road TODAY ’s EUROPEAN Cup Football Predictions after several rounds of discussion,Decided to create a prototype of this old man who was unknown for decades and obscure people ...


Pay tribute to Wu Zhongzhan's "epidemic" volunteer

On the occasion of the New Year in 2020,A sudden new coronary virus infection infected pneumonia epidemic prevention and control prevention and resistance war suddenly launched。Running and illness with Death ...


Jiangsu 2024 EUROPEAN CUP and Weichai Special Car Co., Ltd. create a high -quality image film

Jiangsu 2024 EUROPEAN CUP and Weichai Special Car Co., Ltd. create a high-quality image film ----------------------


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