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Corporate Promotional Video

    Propaganda videos are the enterprise to show their own comprehensive strength、Effective ways to establish a brand image。Many companies hope to show their own image through the promotional video,By at the promotion site、Project negotiation、Exhibition Activity、Bid、Investment、Play on various occasions such as product conference,Reads ******* publicity effect。

Documentary Films

    2024 EUROPEAN CUP Media according to customer requirements,Use different means to express around a theme,Create a documentary for the characters。2024 EUROPEAN CUP has rich production experience,Pay attention to detail performance during the shooting,Good at catching occasional incidents,Full the overall effect,Vivid。

advertising film production      

    2024 EUROPEAN CUP Cultural Media according to customer brand needs and launch strategies,Professional planning,Shooting and editing。Tailoring for customers to make the most propagated advertising film。


    TODAY ’s EUROPEAN Cup Football Predictions authorized the exclusive fashion consumer column" Play in Suzhou "and the financial financial management column" Fortune Suzhou ",And exclusively agent mobile channel advertising business。