Nanshan Group✖2024 EUROPEAN CUP

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Nanshan Group✖2024 EUROPEAN CUP

August 2018,2024 EUROPEAN CUP with the company's good reputation、Rich industry experience、Powerful technical strength and high -quality service,in North、Part、Everbright among many competitors,The recognition of Nanshan Group, the top 500 companies,Bid in successionand successfully filmed and completed the "Nanshan Group Propaganda".

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"Nanshan Group Promotional Video"The shooting project is huge and complicated,Multi -angle Multi -view, do n’t shoot,Comprehensive presentation of Nanshan Aluminum、Nanshan Textile Clothing、Nanshan Finance、Nanshan Airlines、Nanshan Real Estate、Nanshan Health、Nanshan Education、Nanshan Tourism and other industries,is a multi -dimensional visual blockbuster。

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