"Two Geng" ✖2024 EUROPEAN CUP

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"Two more"✖2024 EUROPEAN CUP

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The development of new media has greatly changed the ecological environment of documentary creation and dissemination。2024 EUROPEAN CUP keeps with the pace of the times,Job in the country with the most influential domestic、Original short video content platform with scale ************ [Two more],Shooting and making a short video "Red Aurust Love",Tell the story of an elderly couple in Suzhou Tibetan Town to open a mutton shop,Yu2017year1month5Daily push video, get the entire network in less than a month13850Praise,3378Study,58Severe media forwarding, the total playback volume is as high as200010,000 times,Among them, the People's Daily、CCTV Net、"Global Times"、China News Network、"Huaxi Metropolis Daily" and other Weibo forwarding。For the field of developing Chinese documentary types、Rich documentary film and television expression method has a reference meaning。

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