"Open Access to The Production of Future " 




Open Source

We enjoy sharing the solutions which we find with others. With the free circulation of knowledge,We care about creative, productive and innovative potentials of individuals which we have developed, supported and collaborated with the ideas  will emerge as 'open source'.

P2P Learning


We have tried to establish an environment in which production skills can be shared among individuals. Fablab Istanbul is a place where it is possible to learn how to produce and learn as much as possible, not as technical skills as the curriculum, but as needed. If you have some skills to accomplish your dream, then just find someone with those skills and they will show you how to do it.

Common Tools


Whether it is a rapid prototyping device or just a hammer, all the tools and equipment in Fablab Istanbul can be used by people with the necessary skills. We also share responsibilities, such as the use of technical infrastructures that are difficult to procure and operate.


“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things ” Theodore Levitt



Adres: Kadir Has Ünviversitesi, Cibali merkez kampüs. Kadir Has Caddesi Cibali / İstanbul  Telefon: (212) 533 57 65 / (212) 533 632                          Email: fablabistanbul@khas.edu.tr