Common Production


You can join the ever-growing Fablabist community to find the technical infrastructure and human capacity you will need to turn your ideas into reality. You can acquire new skills by sharing your own skills with individual production and learning. Let's meet under the roof of Fablabist for every imagination that will come true from design, development and prototyping

Common Place


We opened an area of 300 square meters so that creative and innovative ideas can spread freely in a historic building in the center of Istanbul. You can define this place over and over again with your event ideas. We are ready to host different events with fast internet, computer infrastructure and presentation equipment.

Common Projetcs


The Fablabist community has many academicians, professionals and experts from different disciplines. If you are looking for long-term partnerships for your work or if you want to be institutionalized in Fablabist, we are happy to work together in the research, development, projecting and prototyping processes


“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things ” Theodore Levitt



Adres: Kadir Has Ünviversitesi, Cibali merkez kampüs. Kadir Has Caddesi Cibali / İstanbul  Telefon: (212) 533 57 65 / (212) 533 632                          Email: