The third time of the love of the golden chicken lake plot short film event was successfully ended- "Road"

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TODAY ’s EUROPEAN CUP FOOTBALL PREDICTIONS,Decided to create a micro -film "Road" as a prototype for decades of obscurely doing good things.。


To present a better artistic effect,We specially invited professional actors to interpret this true story,After the entire shooting and production team work together,In the end, "Road" stood out and won the award in the many participating films of the love -warm golden chicken lake plot activity。

Suzhou Industrial Park, Xujiabang Second Village, Shizong Car Elderly,Volunteer road repair for many years,Walk through 2400 kilometers、Repair more than 1,000 places in damaged roads。Actively participate in the community civilization volunteer team,Drop of itself in social public welfare activities,Dedication of your own strength to the public welfare cause。


His behavior fully shows the new fashion of civilization in the park、Promoting the beauty and beauty around us、spread the positive energy of society。These good deeds have been praised and affirmed by everyone,and won the honorary title of "Suzhou Good Man Suzhou Civilized Citizen Model"。