"Lao Cai's Ten acres of Tea Garden" successfully shortlisted the second "Beautiful Suzhou My Story" micro -film collection activity

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Lao Cai's ten acres of tea gardens

In 2017,Suzhou held the second "Beautiful Suzhou My Story" micro -film collection activity,I hope the participating unit will use Suzhou people and things as a blueprint for art processing and creation,Take a series of outstanding works,To get more friends,Show Suzhou image,Tell Suzhou Story。


After many parties consideration and discussion,We decided to start with Suzhou Specialty Biluochun,Tells a story of an old tea from Biluochun's life with Biluochun。The whole film is almost a month from confirmation to shooting,Following the old Cai Jinshan from the early morning of the morning,Return to Pixing Daiyue,From the cold wind to the sun to the sun,The partner of the shooting group finally finished the most ideal material。The friends of the production team are not willing to be behind,Adhering to the spirit of excellence,A few overnight finally completed this excellent work。


Finally after many reviews,Our work "Lao Cai's Ten acres of Tea Garden" was successfully shortlisted for the second "Beautiful Suzhou My Story" micro -film collection activity。

The completion of each of our films has gathered the effort of countless friends;There is a scheme that has a book of hard work overnight;There are hard -working shooting up the mountain and down the mountain; fine modifications of one frame after the later period,There is also a careful arrangement of administrative nanny,Everyone struggle overnight,Witches the birth of excellent works。