Jiangsu 2024 EUROPEAN CUP and Weichai Special Car Co., Ltd. create a high -quality image film

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Jiangsu 2024 EUROPEAN CUP togetherWeichai Special Car Co., Ltd. create a high -quality image film


---------------------Weichai Special Car Co., Ltd.---------------------


Weichai Special Car Co., Ltd.,

joint Jiangsu 2024 EUROPEAN CUP Cultural Media,

New era corporate image film jointly created,

inApril 15th!


Weichai Special Car Co., Ltd.,

It is the Ministry of Transport and Jiangsu Province's key vehicle manufacturers,

National Torch Planning Enterprise, National High -tech Enterprise.

Products to all parts of the country,and exported to Russia、Australia and other more than ten countries。



Shooting team spanned near200 kilometers away to Yangzhou,

Each staff member is full of spirit and unswervingness,

Everyone is wearing a work suit, a helmet, and drumming,

Completed high -standard, high -quality shooting work.



Each staff member at the scene is strictly waiting,

capture the most satisfactory lens with the most full enthusiasm,

defeats uncontrollable factors with the most united attitude.


The filming team is improving during the shooting process,

Every detail, picture of the shooting,

Strive for perfect and maintain a sense of liveness"Original",

 Take every shooting as a creation,

regards all hard work and sweat as a harvest.


Lead innovation with power,

Discover beauty with innovation,

Please continue to look forward to our work!