Tribute to Wu Zhongzhan's "epidemic" volunteer

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On the occasion of the New Year in 2020,A sudden new coronary virus infection infected pneumonia epidemic prevention and control prevention and resistance war suddenly launched。In this battle that runs against the god of death and fight against the disease,In this Zhizhi Chengcheng,In the love relay of anti -attack epidemic,The figures running in a protective suit are admirable,The fatigue faces of the masks and mirrors left deep marks are distressed、The call for life is tearful,Acting Acting Aid to support Hubei's instantaneous momentum ...

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There is no superhero in the world,They are just ordinary people who come forward,Rebellies of these front -line retrograde volunteers,It's like a beam of light,illuminated our world、Warm our heart,worthy of our admiration、moved,Give us strength。

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Current,Pneumonia epidemic in the new type of coronary virus infection has entered a critical stage,In order to resolutely implement the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Jinping,Comprehensively implementing the requirements of the people who firmly rely on the people to resolutely win the epidemic prevention and control and resistance war,Wuzhong District released the "About the Volunteers of the entire District、Proposal for the Volunteer Service Organization to actively participate in the prevention and control of the epidemic "。

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New Era Civilization Practice Institute、Station,Volunteers of the majority of party members、Young volunteers and volunteer service organizations at all levels are actively acting,Take the lead in scientific and orderly participation in epidemic prevention propaganda、Body temperature detection、Sanitary Quarantine、Order maintenance、Material donation、Various epidemics such as psychological guidance and other epidemic prevention and control volunteers,Has participating in volunteers 100,000+Cumulative volunteer service time 430,000 hours,Contributed to the "Volunteer" power for the region to win the epidemic prevention and control and resistance.。

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In front of the epidemic,Fangxian National Power,Difficulty of Gongji,is our belief。Let us have hope together,Hug warmth,Failure to bear spring light,Farewell to dream。Wish to return to the earth,Update、Smokes are dead。No winter is insurmountable,No spring will not come。